The Purpose-Driven Capitalist
June 28, 2016

How one man has devoted his career to investing in positive change 

By Sarah Zimmerman  

Ibrahim AlHusseini grew up living in a coastal city by the Red Sea. He loved scuba diving and was mesmerized by the vivid colors of the corals. “It was like a Disney movie under the water, until I went back in the early 90’s after being away for many years.  I was shocked. All of the coral was turning brown. The colors were fading. When I went back again, it was gray. It was a graveyard. I was swimming with plastic bottles and discarded bags of chips. I was swimming with filth.” says AlHusseini.

He was heartbroken by the experience and it was one reason why he has decided to devote his career as a venture capitalist to only fund projects that will help and heal our planet, instead of destroy it. 

Ibrahim AlHusseini

Since starting his first business at 19, AlHusseini has spent the past two decades championing environmental sustainability and social change, using his acumen in finance to become an impact-focused investor. 

In 2013 he founded FullCycle Energy Fund, which he specifically designed to revolutionize humanity’s relationship to waste--turning a costly crisis into the impetus to address critical energy and environmental concerns. FullCycle Energy is also the first fund to devote its entirety toward transforming municipal waste into clean energy to power communities across the globe at a wider scale than ever before. 

Photo Complimentary of Ibrahim AlHusseini
Ibrahim AlHusseini

“Solving our world’s growing waste problems through innovative Waste-To-Energy technology like we are doing at FullCycle Fund not only helps keep plastic from our oceans but also pushes the energy industry to look for new and better ways to use resources, especially resources like waste. This is so crucial right now because this approach lessens the burden of waste and dirty energy placed on the environment and all creatures in it,” says AlHusseini. 

AlHusseini is also the founder and managing partner of the Hussini Group. The Husseini Group is 100% committed to investing in and providing capital to ventures that dignify individuals and communities around the globe. As AlHusseini says, “We live by and promote the belief that we can succeed responsibly and that we can use our capital to make a difference where it really matters”. 

Photo Complimentary of Ibrahim AlHusseini
Ibrahim AlHusseini

He also speaks globally about how we can each act now in simple ways that deliver a big impact when it comes to climate change and our waste crisis. 

“Our survival (and health) depends on implementing large-scale business models that address specific environmental or social issues. If we just keep doing what we have been doing, one day a few people will have huge piles of money to show for it, but regrettably we haven’t yet figured out how to eat, drink or breath money.”

To learn more about AlHusseini work visit 

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About The Author: Jacqueline Romano

Jacqueline Romano is the Creative Director & Editor of Blindfold Magazine. She feels it is her personal vocation to use her creative skills to raise awareness for people and organizations who are making positive change, both globally and locally.

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