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In this section, we feature individuals who use their creative gifts to promote consciousness, social good and/or justice.

Michael Godard

The Rockstar of the Art World

by Golden C. Smith Once a mathematician dressed in a 3 piece suit working 9-5, Michael Godard is now considered the “Rockstar of the Art World”. Mr. Godard’s a... Read More
Photo by Jax Streng

The Power of Storytelling

by Jax Streng Stories have the power to change lives. It was a powerful revelation during a trip overseas that led me on the path of reporting on the resilie... Read More
Shala Art

The Movement Worldwide

Young Nigerian-American Shala. was raised by immigrant parents who were attending school and trying to provide a proper upbringing for their son. As a child, Sh... Read More
Kristen Lassen

Road Warrior Chronicles

by Maria Mor She gets on her motorcycle and realizes that the whole world is open to her.  It is simply she, her motorcycle, and the surroundings.  She feels a... Read More
Amazing Randi


“I happen to think this century is one of the most fascinating in history.” By Mario Inchausti Randall James Hamilton Zwinge, as he was born on Aug. 7, 19... Read More