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In this section, we feature individuals who use their creative gifts to promote consciousness, social good and/or justice.

Kenneth Okoth

The Honorable Kenneth Okoth

Member of Parliament for the Kibra Constituency Founder & Chairman, Children of Kibera Foundation Wisdom is Wealth // Swahili proverb By Cecilia Menc... Read More

This is Our City

by David Frey When the police cruiser approaches, Nether doesn’t run and he doesn’t hide the bucket of glue at his feet. He used to put up his pieces under c... Read More
Miriam "The Masonette" with her son

The Masonette #InstaRebel

By Denia McCobb Instagram by definition, is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and ... Read More
Aric S Queen

Aric S. Queen

By Aric S. Queen Mom cried like I’d never seen her cry before. She cried sometimes – like Moms always do – but this time it seemed more serious. She was sadd... Read More
Jason Lewis

Human Powered Change

By Katie Stjernholm Biking, rollerblading and walking across five continents; pedaling, kayaking, rowing and swimming across the "big wet bits," Jason Lewis ... Read More

The Camino de Santiago

An Accidental Pilgrimage. An Accidental Pilgrim. By Aric S. Queen I suppose it would have been in bad taste to scream, “Fuck this pilgrimage!” but that’s ... Read More

Lynsey Dyer

Combines Skiing and Art to Inspire and Motivate By Elise Douglas  Who would have imagined the two-year-old toddler in a pair of skis would grow up to beco... Read More

Grant Potter

From a Small Town to World Championship by Jeramy C. Pritchett In a small town in Scotland two police officers knocked on the door of a two-story country ... Read More