Let’s face it: our food industry is not in the best shape. There are people out there who are making progressive choices in their farming, restaurants and food products to improve on the industries status. They value that we need to be putting healthy, clean fuel into our bodies.

Farmer Jay

Adventures in Farming

by Jason McCobb One would not think adventure when he or she thinks about farming but in every sense of the word, it is truly an adventure. I am not just a f... Read More
Vani Hari The Food Babe

The Food Babe

More Than a Pretty Face By Vaughan Dugan Vani Hariwill tell you it’s no coincidence her mother chose to name her for the Hindi word meaning “voice.” In th... Read More
Farmer Jay

Wanted: Generation-Y Farmers

by Jason McCobb Photography by Jeramy Pritchett Generation-Y is the largest population since the Baby Boomers. Also known as the Millennial Generation, t... Read More