These musicians use their platforms, writing, and voices to bring awareness to issues they feel called to.

Lexi Todd Music

Lexi Todd: An Empowering Voice

Since the age of four, Lexi has been tapping into her talent. A dash of rock-n-roll, a bit of jazz, a pinch of pop, all intermixed with a soulful delivery. As k... Read More
nouvelle vague

The Rhythm of Humanity

by Maria Mor It all started with a dream. You know the ones you get while in your sleep. A dream of a voluptuous Brazilian woman singing "Love Will Tear Us Ap... Read More
Benjamin Scheuer

Benjamin Scheuer

When Benjamin Scheuer started to take artistic photographs of his journey through chemotherapy, he had no idea where the project would lead him.  Scheuer, the ... Read More
Donavan Frankenreiter

Donavon Frankenreiter

The Surfer, The Musician and The Farmer by Jason McCobb Donavan was a surfer first - getting his first surfboard at age ten. It wasn’t until he turned pro and... Read More
Chuck Adams

Country Star Chuck Adams

By Jeramy Pritchett After breaking out in the R&B world working with artists like Jay-Z, Jamie Foxx, T.Pain, Rick Ross and many others, Chuck decided to ... Read More