Academy Award® Winning Filmmaker, writer, and activist Dustin Lance Black discusses his involvement with the LGBTQIA+ movement.

“If I could give the world a big giant dose of curiosity, I think we’d hate a whole lot less.” -DLB

Growing up in a Mormon military home in Texas, Mr. Black didn’t know other gay people like him existed. Once he discovered the theater world, he first heard the story of Harvey Milk and saw examples of gay people living fulfilled successful lives. This helped Black realize the true power of story, leading him to start a career in filmmaking and developing stories that would shine a light on the lives of people who were told that they were too different for this world. Since then, Dustin Lance Black has won an Academy Award® and Writers Guild of America Award, among others, for his original screenplay MILK.

Aside from his role as father to a newborn with his husband Tom Daley, Dustin proves to be a staple in the gay community. As a founding board member of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, he constantly strives to spread love and acceptance. In collaboration with the Foundation, Mr. Black built a toolkit to help him push for the overturn of California’s Prop-8, including the writing and developing of his nationally aired play called “8”, with all proceeds benefiting LGBTQIA+ equality efforts worldwide.

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