From a Small Town to World Championship

by Jeramy C. Pritchett

In a small town in Scotland two police officers knocked on the door of a two-story country flat. A middle-aged woman, hearing the sound, got up from her television where she was watching the local news about a high-speed chase between the police and some crazy per- son on a motorcycle. The chase had gone through several towns, across a crowded soccer pitch and into the woods, where the rider had evaded police.

The woman opened the door and was immediately surprised to see the constable and cop standing there with pensive looks on their faces.

“What can I help you boys with?”

“Sorry Mam, but we are looking for a Grant Potter,” said the constable as he attempted to peer past the women and into the home.

“What’s this to do with Grant?”

“Have you seen the news Mam? There was a high speed chase involving a motorcycle and we believe it involves your son,” said the younger of the two cops.

Grant’s mom looked back behind her to the top of the stairs where her only son was peering down nervously. Grant’s little joy ride was about to change his life forever.

Grant Potter was enamored with going fast from a very young age and had worked hard his whole life trying to make enough money to fulfill that urge. It started off with selling bread door-to-door on his bike in the early morning so he could get the motorcycle that eventually led to the police knocking on the front door of his house.

Grant Potter

This also led to Grant not being able to drive a car or motorcycle in Scotland until he was 21, which in Grant’s mind meant he had to leave the country. When some older kids asked Grant to joint them on a trip to Majorca, Spain, he had his chance. The first day of the trip the boys’ hotel room was broken into and all of their trip money was stolen from the battery compartment of the oversized boom box they had hidden it in. All the boys, but Grant decided to move home. Grant told them to say hi to his mom for him – he was staying and starting his new life.

Fifteen-year-old Grant Potter now had to figure out how to make enough money to eat and afford a place to sleep. He found a local club owner that let him sleep in the back kitchen in exchange for going out and recruiting people (girls) to come to the club and beach parties. By day Grant was a promoter and at night he washed dishes. Pretty soon he had enough money to buy a moped. Grant was living the life. Riding around in the day recruiting half-naked girls to come party and then partying with them at night. He be- came the Scottish Prince of the Majorca beaches. A new group of tourists arrived every week and Grant’s promoting skills improved Then it all came crashing down when he found out his boss was wanted by Interpol. The party in Spain was over, but the adventure was still in full flight. Grant took the money he had saved and started traveling the world.

Grant Potter

After some time in the Middle East, he ended up in Miami with $40 in his pocket and not a friend in site. He walked around Miami Inter- national Airport with one goal: find someone to give him a job. The next morning he woke up on another kitchen floor. This one was in the back of a gay bar in Key West. Grant busted his ass in the bar at night and was able to pick up a second job, in the day, cutting grass. Grant was 17 years old.

Grant saved up his money and made his first U.S. two-wheel purchase, a used push lawn mower. He also started to make the pilgrim- age north to Fort Lauderdale. Grant brought back the art of door-to-door sales offering to cut old ladies’ yards in different retirement areas. He hired his first employee and cut grass from sunrise to sunset. His personal record was 80 yards in one day. Some of the 80 weren’t even his clients – he got lost in the speed of what he was doing.

He rented out his first home – a small storage unit with enough room for his bed, work gear, clothes and old Porsche that he raced through the streets when he wasn’t working. His priorities were in order: fast car and a place to keep it safe…and a bed, not a floor, to sleep on.

After a mutual friend introduced Grant to Christine all that changed, or did it? Grant did have to move out of his dream house, but Christine supported his adventurous spirit. She had never met anyone like him. He was determined to make a life for the two of them and also pursue his passions.

Grant Potter

When a good friend Jimmy asked him to join him for a bike ride, Grant borrowed Christine’s bike and road the 18 miles. It was the longest he had ever gone on a bike and he couldn’t image going any further or faster. But, the next day he was back on the bike and pushing himself harder. He soon became a regular on the local Mike’s Ride, which starts in Ft. Lauderdale and goes all the way to West Palm. It’s about a 70-mile loop with some of the fastest riders in the area. Grant quickly became the guy to beat.

Grant Potter and Family

Grant now has a beautiful home in Parkland, Florida that he shares with his wife and three beautiful children, Eva, Charlie and Benny. The house is also filled with trophies from bike races around the world that Grant has won including the Pan Am Games and Masters World Championship.

Grant Potter and Family

He is currently the captain of the Stradalli Cyling Team and runs training with Potter out of a home in Mount Dora, Florida where all levels of riders can improve their skills.

Grant’s mom still gets knocks on her door about his crazy adventures, but now they are mostly friends inquiring and not the police.