We recently sat down with Jesse Israel an entrepreneur, meditation teacher and community leader. During his college years at NYU, Jesse became a young leader in the music industry. Upon graduating, he took on a greater responsibility with managing his music label. It was during this time when he began to experience anxiety and panic attacks. Struggling with the isolation that came with his diagnosis, Jesse began a self journey into different methods to regain control over his mind and body.

Jesse found meditation to be the most effective method to reduce and control his anxiety and panic symptoms. After finding such an effective tool for healing and growth, Jesse wanted to share his new-found knowledge and passion with others. As a community leader, he started MediClub and The Big Quiet, a mass meditation and performance gathering that creates the “opportunity to celebrate human connection”.

Jesse believes people possess their own personal power and loves assisting individuals to discover their own strengths and what “fulfills them”. Watch his Mini-Doc to find out more on Jesse Israel’s and he discusses helping individuals to utilize their unique gifts, creating solutions and becoming great leaders.

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