by Jeramy C. Pritchett

BFM: What was the first piece of art that you fell in love with? How old were you?

JR: The film La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz… I must have been 12 years old?.

BFM: What was the first piece of art that you fell in love with? How old were you?

JR: It’s not about the photo, it’s about the doors the photos open, in the real world and in your imagination

BFM: When I watched your Ted Talk I was inspired to get out and do something. I wasn’t sure what, but I know I had to do something. It was part of the reason I started Blindfold. Who and what inspire you?

JR: Wow that means a lot to me, I think energy is transferable and it’s infinite. So by making Blindfold you are passing it further. I am inspired by people who do things for the real goal they have in mind, not for the interest they will gain from it. Sometimes charity is a vast advertising campaign where the fake motive is the humanitarian work, but the goal is often to sell you another t-shirt … The real heroes are in the shadows and they inspire me.

BFM: What’s the end game with your work?

JR: There has never really been a plan, so I guess I walk with arms wide open to rediscover people along the way.

BFM: How do you feel about the future from what you have seen from the youth of today?

JR: Optimistic, because we have many more tools today to make an impact. I always wonder how one can just not care about what’s happening around them…  Little things ripple and make an impact. I hope the youth will realize it.

BFM: If you could sit around a campfire and have a conversation with anyone alive or dead who would it be? What would you talk about?

JR: My brain doesn’t work like that. I don’t really have role models, I am walking and along the way I meet inspiring people: that’s the magic for me.

BFM: What advice would you give a new artist on how to get the word out about their work?

JR: Create with what you have; it’s the best frame for an artist to start with. Your work will always come out stronger.

BFM: What’s your favorite time of day and why?

JR: Night, everyone is asleep and the city is yours.

BFM: What is the one this an artist can’t be without?

JR: His instinct.