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Maya Penn Eco Fashion

Maya’s Ideas

Maya Penn is a 19-year-old award-winning founder and CEO of her sustainable fashion brand Maya's Ideas. She is an eco-designer, 3-time TED speaker and author wh... Read More

Or Does It Explode

Deport Racists. No Time For Nazis. Don’t Colonize my spirituality. Take Andrew Jackson off the 20. These clarion calls result in heated debates on social media,... Read More
John Masters

Who is John Masters?

And why does he care about Organic? by Denia McCobb BFM: Who is John Masters? I’m originally from Niagara Falls and my career as a stylist and ... Read More
Companies that help

Companies that Help

by Robbieana Leung For the cynics and optimists alike, mainstream news can be a major buzz kill, with its constant spew of stories about the negative state o... Read More