And why does he care about Organic?

by Denia McCobb

BFM: Who is John Masters?

I’m originally from Niagara Falls and my career as a stylist and colorist really took off in the ‘70s with jobs in top-tier salons in Miami and New York City. In the ‘80s, even as my work became highly recognized amongst fashion and celebrity circle, I became fascinated with organics in my personal life. I started to realize the serious health risks caused by inhaling and using harsh salon chemicals on a daily basis and became committed to creating a toxin-free salon environment. So I started to see clients in my NYC apartment and used only ammonia-free herbal and clay- based dyes that I got from Europe and just experimented with them. That’s really how it all started.

BFM: How did you get into skincare?

Skincarewas a natural evolution of the JMO line, which started with hair care in my NYC salon. My customers requested it and I honestly wanted it for myself as well.

Photo by Max Flatow /
JMO team

Organic products are safer for you and safer for the environment. When you think of organic you should consider not only the benets for you but the benets for the entire ecosystem. Realize the synergistic result. Not only putting the nal product on your skin that absorbs it, but the way it was grown. Conventional products are loaded with ingredients grown with pesticides (which harm the land and the natural biodynamic cycles), GMO crops, petro-based chemicals, toxic preservatives, etc. – just to name a few issues. Consider people affected in the production, both on the land and then at the lab. Finally we need to consider where all these harmful ingredients go? For instance when rinsing shampoo, etc. it goes right into the ecosystem. All these potential problems are avoided by going organic.

BFM: Where do you obtain your ingredients? Do you work with local farmers and local businesses exclusively?

It is impossible to obtain all the ingredients locally that you need in an effective beauty care line. They simply do not all grow locally. One example would be Argan oil, which we source from a women’s collective in the biosphere in Morocco, where this ingredient grows exclusively.

I am a strong supporter of buying local, organic produce and supporting small, local businesses, but to get all your ingredients locally for a range of beauty products is impossible. Some companies may claim that they’re “made locally” but it’s a tricky, sometimes misleading statement. It may be made locally, but the ingredients used are most likely sourced from all over the world. Just look at the ingredient list, do all the ingredients grow locally in your area?

BFM: With so many companies jumping on the organic, natural and paraben- free bandwagon, what sets John Masters Organics apart from the rest?

John Masters Organics, since its inception over 20 years ago, has always produced organic products. We are considered a pioneer in the beauty industry by many worldwide. In addition,

JMO is a professional, results-oriented beauty care line tested in salons, with a real person behind the brand. I personally have been in the beauty industry for 38 years and my line was developed to help change the industry – one in which health concerns regarding the effects of toxic chemicals in products were not even a passing thought. Many have jumped on the bandwagon following our lead and we take that as a compliment.

Photo by Max Flatow /
JMO Line

BFM: What would you say your top three best sellers are and why?

Even though it’s one of my newer face cleansers, the bearberry skin balancing face wash has really skyrocketed as one of my top- selling products. It is fantastic foaming cleanser for all skin types and helps to exfoliate, balance skin tone and clear clogged pores. 

Another popular JMO product is my Vitamin C anti-aging face serum. In its natural amino-acid polypeptide form, our Vitamin C penetrates deep into the skin to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pre- mature aging. Making it more effective and more potent than lab synthesized Vitamin C, which needs to be at a higher percentage in order to be effective.

A third fan favorite is the blood orange & vanilla body milk. It is a light, quick absorbing, hydrating body lotion with the most fresh and addicting sent. It denitely has its own cult following.

BFM: What advice would you give someone with real skin concerns (ex. Hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, acne or even premature again) who have been treating it, somewhat successfully, with dermatologist prescriptions.

I would tell them to try an organic product that targets the skin concern that affects you in place of a prescription chemically laden product. Many natural herbs and plants extracts are effective in successfully treating various skin problems.

BFM: Do you think there will always be a place in today’s market for conventional/ chemical-laden products or do you see this movement spreading to the point of no return?

I believe the conventional market will get smaller and smaller as people switch over to organic. More and more people are becoming increasingly concerned about themselves and the environment and, in doing so, they are asking questions and getting informed. It has become obvious that organic is the way to go.

BFM: What great things can we expect from John Masters Organics in the future?

JMO is constantly researching and developing new products. As more and more people support the organic/GMO- free movement, raw material suppliers are offering more organic ingredients – which is very exciting. We are currently working on several new products.