What We Stand For

When you remove the blindfold of the worlds greatest injustices, what you reveal is the truth.  We’ve built a socially conscious online platform where we showcase the real stories of the activists, advocates, and educators who are exposing global issues by standing up for what’s right. These individuals are aware that we are all interconnected and that they can use their talents, voice, actions or knowledge as tools to contribute positivity and progression in whatever realm of social good that they are called to. Blindfold inspires our community to create their own path of social good, giving them guidance through these stories and provided resources.

We tell their stories to inspire those who have not yet found their calling, or who have but are not sure how to use their tools to make an impact.

Darnell Moore

Blindfold Magazine converted to an online video and written storytelling platform in Summer 2016, after three years of being in print and sold in Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble and Sprouts Markets. We unite audience interests in different fields while showing that there is no specific way a socially conscious person looks, sounds, or acts. They simply are those who contribute to the betterment of our world. Through video, pictures, and words, Blindfold looks to inspire our readers to “see beyond.”