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Since 2015, Blindfold has created dozens of inspiring short films as part of our Mini-Doc series. We have had the honor of sharing the meaningful work that activists and advocates like Jesse Israel of the Big Quiet, Journalist Noor Tagouri and The Save the Chimps Foundation are putting out in the work. Each Mini-Doc film is 3-5 minutes in length and gives a deeper, honest reveal into how each of these individuals and organizations discovered how they could best be of service to our planet, and how their journeys unfolded.

After years of delivering these exclusive pieces to our Blindfold audience (over 31,000 users combined), we are now accepting pitches from individuals and organizations who would like to hire our Blindfold production team to film their very own Mini-Doc and have it featured on our platform. Are you someone who has found their passion in being service to others? Do you want your story told in an authentic, beautiful way and shared with a network of like-minded individuals? Keep reading!

This is How it Works:

  • Copy the below template into an e-mail addressed to team@blindfoldmag.com to submit your pitch for review.
  • If we are a match, we will set up a 30-minute introduction call with you to get to know each other and start the planning process for your Mini-Doc production.
  • Our team will create the plan, questions for your on-camera interview and a list of supporting footage we will film of you in action on the day of your shoot.
  • We travel to you for filming!
  • You will receive a 3-5 minute Mini-Doc high-quality video, as well as a 1-minute trailer edit for sharing on your social media and website platforms.
  • We create a post to share on the Blindfold website, and across our social media platforms.

Template to Copy into an E-mail and Fill Out:

Full Name:

Your Phone Number:

Please list your website and social media links:

Where are you located?

Briefly describe the meaningful work that you do:

How did you hear about Blindfoldmag.com?

Are you a company that would like to sponsor one of our Mini-Doc videos? There are so many stories to be told, and not everyone has the budget to produce them. Partner with us to get your message out while sharing the meaningful work of these inspiring individuals. Find out more by contacting us via e-mail at team@blindfoldmag.com.

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Our Team

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