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After years of writing exclusive pieces to deliver to our Blindfold audience, we are now accepting pitches for written articles from YOU to be featured on our platform.

Our platform features the stories of individuals who realize
their purpose is to provide service to others through outlets of activism, advocacy, and education. Some of our past articles have featured the work of Human Rights Activist and Educator Nicholas Ferroni, Healthy Masculinity Advocate Tiq Milan, Bryn Mooser of and Investigative Journalist Amber Lyon.

We take pride in hosting original content. Each submission must be made specifically for, and not released in the same format on other sites. Have a look at the specifications below to consider before sending your article in for review:

All articles and mini-docs must be unique to blindfold. We do not accept submissions that will be posted on other outlets as well. All submissions must abide by the following formats.

We post two styles of written articles: Q&A Interview Format, and Story Format Derived from an Interview with the Subject

Written Articles – 500+ Words, Photos

Q&A Format – Intro paragraph, Q&A, closing paragraph with information on how to keep up

Story Format – Story-arch to follow – What inspired them to create their path in social good/impact? Was it an injustice they witnessed? The pain they went through? When was their Aha moment? What did that look like? How did they then start using the tools they had to implement the positive impact they wanted to create? What roadblocks did they run into? What adversities did they have to overcome? What does their purpose look like now in real-time? What impact do they hope to make with the work they are doing? How can others get involved?

Ready to send? Please share your article and photos to accompany the story with our team by sending an e-mail to We will write back to let you know the steps that follow, including edits we may have. In lieu of advertising fees, we ask for a small administrative fee. We pay our team to create custom marketing materials that go out to our audience of 31,000 individuals.

If you would like our team to photograph custom images to be launched with your story, please let us know. We have many gifted creatives on our team who are available for hire in NYC, Los Angeles and Miami, Florida.

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